‘Gutfeld!’ Roasts Mike Pence’s Jokes at GOP Debate: ‘He Made Ronald Reagan Library Sound Like an Actual Library’ (Video)

“If I wanted horribly delivered bad jokes, Seth Meyers is back Monday,” the Fox News host says

Greg Gutfeld became the “king of late night” by punching in all directions – including down, to the right, you name it – and the Fox News host pulled nothing this week in swings at fellow comedians Seth Meyers and … Mike Pence?

The former vice president’s attempts at jokes during the Republican presidential debate this week fell extra flat – and the “Gutfeld” host gonna roast:

“Pence was good for a few dad jokes,” Gutfeld said Thursday night – and it got significantly less charitable from there.

Pence tried out a mild sex joke during Wednesday night in response to fellow GOP hopeful Chris Christie, who argued that the teachers union has a “stranglehold” due in part because President Biden is “sleeping with a member.” Pence replied by saying his wife isn’t union, “but I got to admit, I’ve been sleeping with a teacher for 38 years.”

“Gutfeld!” let the clip roll long enough to hear the relative silence that would follow. The crowd responded the same way a short time later, when Pence said “I served in congress for 12 years, although it seemed longer.”


“He made the Ronald Reagan Library sound like an actual library,” Gutfeld said. “The guy is stiffer than Nancy Pelosi’s eyebrows.”

That’s where Gutfeld switched from punching right to punching down – at Meyers, whose “Late Night With Seth Meyers” returns next week after going dark for the WGA strike.

“If I wanted bad jokes, Seth Meyers is back Monday,” Gutfeld said.

And Gutfeld being Gutfeld, there was no candidate left un-roasted.

“DeSantis seems to have pulled ahead by not [bleep] his pants,” he said. “He was able to articulate something beyond a robotic smile and stiff arm movements. I was waiting for Dorothy from”The Wizard of Oz” to oil his elbows.”

Watch the entire exchange in the video above.


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