Hear Daft Punk and Pharrell’s Latest, ‘Gust of Wind’ (Audio)

Pharrell and Daft Punk try to get lucky again

While you’re pondering whether Pharrell Williams will win his first Oscar for “Happy,” why not occupy yourself with his latest collaboration with Daft Punk?

Is it as good as “Get Lucky”? Nope. But what is? Their new song, “Gust of Wind,” is from Williams’ upcoming album “Girl.” It still has a heavy Chic influence, though it isn’t as overt as on the Nile Rogers-graced, Grammy-baiting “Get Lucky.”

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What’s the new song about? The easy, SEO-friendly joke would be to type, “Pharrell’s hat.” Woops, I just did.

But seriously, who cares? Pharrell took a let’s call-it-casual approach to the lyrics, and so should you.

“When I open the window, I want to hug you,” he sings. “‘Cause you remind me of the air, I said yeah.”

That’s right: In two lines, he compared his lover to the air, and rhymed “air” with “yeah.” What are you gonna do about it?

Here’s the song, yeah: