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Hollywood Heavyweights Head to Obama Jobs Summit

Iger, Roberts set to offer their advice on how to get America working again.

Hollywood will have a small (but powerful) voice at Thursday’s White House job summit.

According to multiple reports, Disney chief Bob Iger and Comcast CEO Brian Roberts are both set to attend the day-long event, the White House said Sunday. The summit, with an expected guest list of around 130 peope, is being touted as a way to solicit ideas for how to lower the nation’s double-digit unemployment rate.

Other media types scheduled to participate include Google supreme leader Eric Schmidt and Princeton professors/newspaper columnists Paul Krugman (the New York Times) and Alan Blinder (the Wall Street Journal). The full list of attendees hasn’t yet been released, so it’s possible some more showbiz types could yet make the schlep to D.C.

One interesting irony of Roberts’ inclusion in the summit: When the Comcast-NBC deal finally closes, there will be more than a few layoffs from overlapping divisions, if past megamergers are any indication.