Biden Says More GOP Senators Have Agreed With Him Privately but Said They ‘Just Can’t Do It’ Publicly Because Trump ‘Will Get Me’ | Video

“And do you say to them, ‘You coward?'” radio host Howard Stern asks

President Joe Biden said on Friday that many Republicans tell him privately that they agree with him, but are worried that Donald Trump will “get” them.

Biden made the remarks on “The Howard Stern Show,” after the radio host asked him, “Some of the guys that you served in the Senate with, I’m talking about Republicans, how are they going along with [Trump as the GOP’s presumptive 2024 presidential nominee]?”

Biden responded that it’s fear of Trump reprisals that stop Republicans from publicly opposing the often volatile candidate, who’s currently on trial in New York for the first of two separate election interference trials.

“I gave my word I’d  never say their names and I never will, [but] in the last three years I’ve had seven sitting Republican senators — well two are  gone now — seven sitting Republicans call me to tell me, ‘Joe, I agree with you, but I  just can’t do it. He’ll get me.’”

“That’s what I was going to ask you,” said Stern. “Do you get these calls in secret where guys go, ‘Listen, I can’t say it publicly, but I’m for you and I’m going to vote for  you. I’m a Republican, but screw it, I  can’t vote for this guy because he’s talking about ending the democracy.’”

Biden admitted, “Well, they’re not saying they’re going to vote for me, they’re saying, ‘I agree with you’ [that Trump poses a grave danger if reelected].”

“Yeah, and do you say to them, ‘You coward?’” Howard quipped. He then asked why Jeb Bush and former President George W. Bush don’t step forward and say, “Hey, I’m interested in saving democracy for our grandchildren.”

“Well, I don’t think the election’s over yet on that score,” Biden replied.

Stern then asked, “What do you think’s going to happen? I can’t imagine you’re going to lose, but…”

“He’s promised if he doesn’t win, there’s going to be a ‘bloodbath,’” Biden noted. He again cited Trump’s antipathy toward the military from past remarks, telling Stern, “I can’t fathom a president of the United States of America saying that the folks who died defending this country were suckers and losers.”

Watch the five-minute clip in the video above.


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