Jimmy Kimmel Jokes the Closer the Election Is, The More Trump ‘Talks Like Thanos’ | Video

The ABC host was dumbfounded by the ex-president’s recent “bloodbath” remarks

Jimmy Kimmel admitted he’s a bit disturbed by the increasingly blatant language Donald Trump is using, like the “bloodbath” Trump talked up in a speech over the weekend.

In part, Kimmel is concerned because “the issue is that he’s such a lunatic. we actually have to debate if he meant it literally.” But Kimmel also bleakly joked that the closer we get to the election, the more Trump “talks like Thanos.”

Watch Kimmel’s Monday night monologue above.

Kimmel started by playing a clip from the rally, held Saturday in Ohio, in which Trump had the crowd singing the national anthem in tribute to the Jan. 6 “hostages,” referring to criminals who participated in the insurrection he incited on Jan. 6, 2021.

“And I guess it’s OK to wear a hat during the national anthem now too,” Kimmel commented.

“Trump told the crowd that if he doesn’t win in November, he’s not sure we’ll ever have another election in this country. And if he does win in November, we definitely won’t have another election. But of all the very disturbing things he said, this was probably most disturbing,” Kimmel said as he cued up the “bloodbath” comments.

“The longer this election goes, the more he talks like Thanos,” Kimmel said before turning his attention to Trump’s defense of the comments.

“He’s saying ‘bloodbath.’ So, after the bloodbath remark, people went like, ‘oh that’s not great,’ so Trump went into spin mode, saying he was only talking about a bloodbath in the auto industry.”

“The truth is, the context we should be considering, isn’t whether or not Trump meant ‘bloodbath’ literally,” Kimmel continued. “What the issue is that, he’s such a lunatic, we actually have to debate if he meant it literally. We have to ask, ‘was that totally crazy or just kind of crazy?’”

Kimmel also discussed former Vice President Mike Pence, who has now publicly said he will not endorse Donald Trump for president this year.

The “former Vice Poodle is not being a good boy,” Kimmel said, adding, “it does kind of come as a little bit of a surprise but I guess the Stockholm syndrome finally wore off.”

Kimmel then called for Pence to be added to the cast of “Dancing With the Stars.”


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