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How to Watch ‘How I Met Your Father:’ Where to Stream the New Comedy Series

At long last a ‘HIMYM’ spinoff has arrived

The central concept behind the hit CBS series “How I Met Your Mother” is back in the spinoff (of sorts) “How I Met Your Father.” While the original series concluded its run in 2014, a couple of attempts at spinning off the plot – a love story told entirely in flashback with a mystery hook – failed to come to fruition. First there was 2014’s “How I Met Your Dad,” a CBS spinoff starring Greta Gerwig that was not picked up to series after shooting a pilot. Then in 2016 the idea of a female-starring spinoff was resurfaced, but failed to take off.

At long last “How I Met Your Father” has arrived, anchored by star Hilary Duff, but there are a few key differences from the original series – namely where you can watch it. Find out all you need to know below.

Is “How I Met Your Father” Streaming?

Yes, “How I Met Your Father” is a Hulu original and is exclusively streaming there following its premiere on Jan. 18.

Is “How I Met Your Father” on TV?

No, “How I Met Your Father” is produced by 20th Television and distributed by Disney Platform Distribution, and thus has no ties to CBS which aired the original series. It is not available on traditional television channels.

Are New Episodes Released Weekly or All at Once?

The first two episodes of the half-hour comedy were released on Jan. 18, but new episodes will be released one per week every Tuesday for the 10-episode first season.

Is “How I Met Your Father” a Sequel?

hilary duff how i met your father

Kind of. While the story does have a connection to the story and characters of “How I Met Your Mother,” it’s largely its own series and does not (yet) feature any cameos from the original characters. So no Ted Mosby appearance just yet.

What Is “How I Met Your Father” About?

Just like the original show, “How I Met Your Father” finds an older version of the main character (voiced by Kim Cattrall) telling her son the story of how she met his father in the year 2050. In the year 2021, Hilary Duff stars as Sophie, a photographer looking for her soulmate.

Who Is in the “How I Met Your Father” Cast?

Hilary Duff stars as Sophie, the lead character, and she’s surrounded by a gaggle of friends: Chris Lowell is aspiring musician Jesse, Francia Raisa is Sophie’s roommate and aspiring stylist Valentina, Tom Ainsley is rich aspiring model Charlie who’s in a relationship with Valentine, Tien Tran is Jesse’s adopted sister Ellen, and Suraj Sharma is Jesse’s best friend and roommate Sid who also happens to own a bar.

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