How to Watch ‘Sasquatch Sunset’: Is the Jesse Eisenberg Comedy Streaming?

Riley Keough and Eisenberg transform into a Bigfoot family

A scene in "Sasquatch Sunset" in which the Bigfoot family stands on a cliff overlooking a valley
"Sasquatch Sunset" (CREDIT: Sundance)

Bigfoot just might be real, at least in the indie film “Sasquatch Sunset.”

David and Nathan Zellner’s oddball comedy following a year in the life of a Bigfoot family as they roam their home in the Pacific Northwest made its hairy debut at Sundance Film Festival 2024. The Zellners call their movie more than just that about a creature, a family movie, a horror movie or a spoof.

Riley Keough enjoyed the opportunity to “go feral” after she decided that she could embody a sasquatch.

“The real, biggest question I had was, could I do it?” Keough recalled at TheWrap’s Sundance Portrait and Interview Studio presented by NFP. “Because there’s no gauge of ‘can I be a good Sasquatch?’ that I could [look to]. I ended up walking around my room in [a] Sasquatch headspace. I got into an ape position. I was like, ‘Yes, I could do that!’”

Those curious about Riley Keough and Jessie Eisenberg’s performance in the film may be wondering how to watch “Sasquatch Sunset.” Read on for answers.

When does “Sasquatch Sunset” come out?

The film first premiered Saturday, Jan. 20 at the 2024 Sundance Film Festival and arrives in theaters on April 19.

Will “Sasquatch Sunset” be streaming? 

No, right now “Sasquatch Sunset” is an exclusively theatrical release. The only way to see it is by buying a ticket and going to the theater. A streaming release date has not yet been announced.

What is “Sasquatch Sunset” about?

A Bigfoot family of four explores their Pacific Northwest forest home in “Sasquatch Sunset.” The film has no traditional dialogue — they just make grunts and sasquatch noises — so the stars had to really let their inner animal out for the roles. 

Who is in the “Sasquatch Sunset” cast?

Riley Keough and Jesse Eisenberg lead the Bigfoot family in the film. Co-director Nathan Zellner plays the alpha-like leader of the family, while Eisenberg plays the beta, more second-in-command member. Keough plays the maternal figure, and Christophe Zajac-Denek plays the youngest sasquatch.

What is “Sasquatch Sunset” rated R for?

The film is rated R for some sexual content, full nudity and bloody images. The nudity involves prosthetic genitalia.

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