‘My Name’s Elba, Idris Elba’: Actor Stirs Up Fans With a James Bond Tease

Denial from director Antoine Fuqua hasn’t stopped Elba from having a little fun with his followers

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Idris Elba has responded to a report that he could step in as the next James Bond, posting in a cryptic tweet, “My name’s Elba, Idris Elba.”

You’re just a big tease, aren’t you, Idris?

Fans flew into a frenzy Thursday after the U.K. tabloid The Daily Star reported that director Antoine Fuqua said “Bond” producer Barbara Broccoli thinks it’s time to bring some diversity to the role. However, a representative for Fuqua told TheWrap that the report “is not true. He never had a conversation about this with Barbara.”

Despite the lack of a casting confirmation, Elba took to Twitter and toyed with the possibility.

And, yes, fans again went cuckoo for the idea, with one posted GIF perfectly summing up how hot he’d be in the role of the super-sexy spy.


And others quickly came to the conclusion — whether it be an erroneous conclusion is still in question — that Elba just made an announcement.


But before y’all get too excited: 1) “Bond 25” is currently in preproduction with Daniel Craig starring as 007, 2) that film is set for a release in the U.K. on October 25, 2019, followed by a U.S. launch on November 8, 2019, and 3) Elba walked it back a few hours later, tweeting, “Don’t believe the HYPE…”

And, yes, the GIFs again rolled in. This time, his followers weren’t so happy.