‘In Fidelity’: Chris Parnell and Cara Buono Hold End-of-Life Indecent Proposal in Trailer for Bittersweet Rom-Com (Exclusive Video)

Film set for release later this year

The upcoming dramedy “In Fidelity” takes viewers through a surprising, difficult-to-answer question: Can you get a hall pass from your spouse if you’re dying?

Starring “Saturday Night Live” alum Chris Parnell and Cara Buono (“Mad Men,” “Stranger Things”), “In Fidelity” tells the story of Lyle and Holly, a happily married New York couple whose world is rocked when Holly becomes terminally ill — and asks to sleep with their well-known rock star neighbor (Dennis Haysbert) before she dies young.

It’s not an easy ask, even after Lyle says yes, and you can see for yourself in the humorously bittersweet trailer, right now at the top of the page.

Alongside Parnell, Buono and Hasbert, the film also features Willow Shields (‘’The Hunger Games’’) as their risk-taking Gen-Z daughter, and Illeana Douglas (“Grace of My Heart”) as Lyle and Holly’s eccentric confidante Ethel.

From Different Duck Films, “In Fidelity” is written and directed by Different Duck founder Rob Margolies, who also produces alongside Joe Grano. Eve Austin, Pete Dorton and Michalina Scorzelli serve as executive producers.

“The film “In Fidelity” is slated for release later this year. See the official poster below.