James Corden and Stephen Colbert Finally Leave Their Homes and Return to the Studio (Videos)

Well, Colbert only actually made it to the office building

James Corden is so happy to be out of the garage and back to the studio that he’ll take all the forthcoming plexiglass-caused concussions in stride. As for lead-in Stephen Colbert, well, he didn’t quite make it to the Ed Sullivan Theater — but the “Late Show” (just the one “Late” for him) host is back in the building!

Watch Corden’s painful return to the CBS soundstage in Los Angeles via the video above. There, “Late Late Show” bandleader Reggie Watts takes a bump in his big comeback as well.

We’re not sure how much safer this socially distanced environment actually is.

Readers can watch Colbert’s (attempted) return below.

Hey, he got from his residence in New Jersey to offices in New York City, so that’s a start.

After pretty much all television production was shut down due to the coronavirus pandemic, Colbert was the first late-night host to tape content at home. That’s how you get to be No. 1 in late-night TV, folks.

Now he’s (almost) back.

Jimmy Fallon, the man whom Colbert overtook to be the time slot leader in Nielsen numbers, beat both CBS hosts back to the studio. Technically, Conan O’Brien was the first to leave home, taking up residence at L.A.’s Largo Theater.


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