Jeffrey Katzenberg Under Fire From Hollywood Biden Donors: ‘Jeffrey Lied’

“Everyone is furious,” says a leading Hollywood Democratic insider. “People are pissed – they feel betrayed.” 

Jeffrey Katzenberg Joe Biden
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Hollywood donors who forked over $30 million to the Biden campaign just three weeks ago are furious with campaign co-chair Jeffrey Katzenberg after witnessing the president’s disastrous debate performance last week, insiders told TheWrap. 

“What Jeffrey Katzenberg has done here is unbelievable,” said one Hollywood power broker, donor and influential Democrat who declined to be identified. “Jeffrey lied about the whole Biden thing. The whole Biden inner circle lied… It’s such an act of hypocrisy.” 

“Everyone is furious,” said a leading Hollywood Democratic insider. “People are pissed – they feel betrayed.” 

They feel betrayed, certainly, because as an elder statesman of the Hollywood community, Katzenberg has personally vouched for Biden’s mental and physical capacity despite concerns voiced early on by donors about the president’s age. 

Indeed, a glowing New York Times profile of the entertainment mogul barely two weeks ago opened on this very issue: 

“When President Biden made clear last year that he was planning to run for another term, some important Democratic contributors expressed doubt. He was too old, they feared. He was not up to another four years. It fell to Jeffrey Katzenberg to tell them they were wrong,” wrote Peter Baker. 

The article continued: “When some still did not believe him, Mr. Katzenberg challenged them to come to Washington and find out for themselves — then arranged to bring the dubious donors to the White House to sit down with the octogenarian president to convince them he was still sharp enough.”

And just three weeks ago, a star-studded fundraiser for Biden with George Clooney, Jimmy Kimmel and Julia Roberts raised more than $30 million from the community, touted as the most successful in party history.

The campaign has been gripped by crisis since last Thursday’s debate in which the president appeared dazed, unfocused and mumbled half-answers, generally appearing to be a senior citizen in need of aid, not the leader of the free world. The ensuing discussion has led to whether Biden should step aside, but also a damning debate about who covered up when and why. 

In recent days, major entertainment figures including Netflix co-founder Reed Hastings, Hollywood showrunner Damon Lindelof, media mogul Barry Diller and Disney heir Abigail Disney have all called on Biden to step aside. Many have said publicly and privately that they will stop donating to the Biden campaign and redirect their Democratic giving to down-ballot races instead. 

Katzenberg’s role in that debate about a cover-up is the talk of Hollywood. At a summer disco party last weekend where Hollywood showrunners hung out with their families “not a single person wanted Biden to stay in,” said the Democratic insider. 

Outside of politics, though, the damage for Katzenberg is more complex. His relationships within the entertainment industry are precious. “It would be easier for Jeffrey to get closer to any president than to lose his reputation in Hollywood,” observed the insider.  

The power broker said that Katzenberg was looking to reestablish himself after the failure of his tech company, Quibi, and had hounded people to support Biden in the relentless way he’s attacked every objective in his storied career.

“Jeffrey is doing exactly what he did with Quibi,” the power broker said. “He just won’t stop calling you, so you just give him money to get [him to leave you alone]. You donate the money. And a lot of people did it. But that’s what happens with Jeffrey.”

“He wants to be a power broker and has completely lost sight of the objective here – which he would say is to get rid of Trump – without telling anybody the truth about his guy,” this person said. 

Several political observers who spoke to TheWrap noted that Katzenberg has been silent since the debate. The Financial Times reported that the campaign co-chair “raised eyebrows” the day after the debate when he failed to show up to a meeting to coordinate celebrity endorsements. 

As days pass since the debate, the feeling in Hollywood has only deepened that Biden should step aside. And many are turning their gaze to Vice President Kamala Harris. 

For his part, Biden remains steadfast that he’s staying in the race and will attempt to further quell fears about his health during an ABC News interview on Friday night with George Stephanopoulos.

Reached by TheWrap, Katzenberg referred questions about his role to the Biden campaign spokesman. The spokesman did not get back to TheWrap ahead of publication. 


10 responses to “Jeffrey Katzenberg Under Fire From Hollywood Biden Donors: ‘Jeffrey Lied’”

  1. Susan York Avatar
    Susan York

    Biden spoke and answered questions at the Clooney/Roberts/Kimmel fundraiser. His demeanor was no different than tonight’s interview with Stephanopoulos. The Kimmel interview was before the debate so I don’t see how Jefferey lied to them. I am sure if they wanted to talk to the President, considering their positions, they could. Jeffrey is a good guy.

    1. Chris Burrous Avatar
      Chris Burrous

      I’m beyond mortified at your assine comment. T0 deny his cognitive disability is a disservice to him and to this country. Its ppl like you and biden that this country is in a crisis. Much like California, where I live, is in a crisis. You’re sad. 

  2. TomfromErie Avatar

    Defeating Trump was always the goal. The two prong attack of getting Trump off the ballot by putting him on trial and hiding Biden’s mental state with a sympatheric media was chugging along earlier in the year. Now both strategies have come crashing down and the ‘anti Trump’ crowd are in a panic. As well they should be.
    Hollywood was scammed out of their money.

  3. David Avatar

    Trump is a liar and con artist. Fact…

    Katzenberg is a liar and con artist. Fact…

    Biden isn’t fit to lead America but apparently refuses to quit. Fact…

    The citizens of the USA are in deep doodoo…

    1. Andrew Avatar

      Funny how everyone else besides you and the rest of the Dem clan are liars and con-artists but you’re not. Oops… look…. your halo is on crooked! I seeeee you!

  4. Anonymous Avatar

    A vote for Biden is a vote for Hamas and for Iran to Nuke israel and genocide whether in Iran or in china as has been happening with the uighurs. The democrats are the enemies of minorities and are the same evil white establishment that called us super predators in the 90s: katzenberg should go join the Muslim brotherhood if he wants to genocide Jews like Iran wants to continue doing with bidens support. There would have been no oct 7th massacre and American hostages are being held by neo nazi Iranian backed terrorists and Biden rewards Hamas while our American hostages are tortured and raped daily. The democrats have destroyed the futures of minorities for too long and Kamala is no different than himmler having incarcerated millions of minorities in California in the 90s so it just seems like the white racist establishment democrats have also turned anti semetic now and katzenberg is done with that as long as he can make money off china and Saudi Arabia. These people are evil and katzenberg is a acting like an active measures agent of for china and Iran trying to destroy freedom while delivering minorities to genocidal outcomes whether in Iran china or any democratic run city where the black ghettos haven’t changed while everything’s else this century has. Dems are the new facist ethnosupremacists and their alliance with china and Iran is is akin to being a part of the genocide axis. Obamas puppet string to broken joe ran him into the ground and now Obamas puppet masters want to erase his 5 genocides but history is more than just censoring news and putting anti semitic Muslim brotherhood pro terrorists in the White House to prop up another failed democrat term. Ww3 will start early if brainless  Biden is once again puppeteered by the 5 time genocide president obama who helped no minorities ever except diddy to lie to his community to rape them. Dems are racist anti semites now and katzenberg is in the wrong side of history trying to cash in on evil empires while minorities are suppressed by the white democrats establishment yet another 100 years.

  5. Miss A. Avatar
    Miss A.

    A Whitehouse visit gave donors some general confidence to support Joe, certainly ahead of the subsequent debate.  But so much has been posted online illustrating his frailty and physical demeanor, it’s just not a new topic for most.  Any president though should be able to ask for an 8 pm quit time.  Outside of the occasional state dinner or 3 am emergency call, it just seems reasonable to set a limit.  The bigger problem on the world stage are his frequent displays of senility.  

  6. james/jim anderson Avatar
    james/jim anderson

    The above is good reason as to why the public masses ask celebs not to comment on anything political……..they are paid to pretend….and they do………..collect your money and keep your mouths shut…..

  7. Derek Avatar

    After how Katzenberg destroyed and “lost” billions with Quibi, only a slow-minded person would trust a word he says.

  8. Oz_264 Avatar

    It said Katzenberg offered meetings with Biden at the WH, but didn’t say he was able to secure those meetings or if any celebrity actually went…

    I disagree about the 8pm cutoff time for Joe Biden, or any other President. It’s just more excuses to limit the visibility of his “sundowner syndrome” common with dementia patients. When he first took office and wouldn’t meet with the press, it was reported he “put a lid on it” at 3pm daily. Current reports from staffers say he’s only cognizant from 10a to 4pm. He’s already spent over 40% of his term in Delaware, flying back and forth from DC almost every single weekend, starting on Friday morning. Just the cost of that alone has to be outrageous, if you know anything about what it takes to run AirForceOne (x2). The President of the United States should be fit and ABLE to handle a full-time schedule while running the most powerful country in the world.

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