‘Real Housewives of Orange County’ Newcomer Jennifer Pedranti Says She and Tamra Judge Aren’t Speaking

“I’m so confused,” the newest O.C. housewife tells TheWrap of Judge’s fascination with her personal life

"The Real Housewives of Orange County" cast member Jennifer Pedranti (Credit: Bravo)

Jennifer Pedranti may be the newest citrus holder in the O.C., but had things gone differently, fans would’ve seen her a lot earlier — and in a different light — on “The Real Housewives of Orange County.”

Pedranti was submitted to casting producers by Tamra Judge back in Season 14 (2019), prior to her split from ex-husband Will Pedranti and before her relationship with Ryan Boyajian, whom she admitted to having an affair with while she was still married.

And while Pedranti credits Judge with helping her get on “The Real Housewives of Orange County,” she’s confused why her former friend continues to bring up her relationship with Boyajian. According to Pedranti, the two have not been in communication since Pedranti appeared on “Watch What Happens Live” two weeks ago. Read more about her journey to becoming the newest O.C. housewife below:

What was the conversation you had with your family about joining the show?
Tamra had submitted me back in Season 14. So the conversation with the kids happened a few years ago. When I didn’t get it, it was like, “OK, we tried that.” And when they called this season I said, “You guys are not going to believe who called me!” And then the kids said, “Mom, you’ve got to get it this time!” So they were actually very supportive.

Looking back, are you glad you didn’t join the cast back then?
I was at a different place in my life. When I thought I was going to come on this show, a big topic was going to be stepping away from my marriage. And I thought, gosh, I hope the kids can weather this.

It almost sounds like it was a blessing in disguise that you didn’t get the earlier season because it would’ve been more challenging for your family.
Honestly, you are so right. At the time, when you don’t get it, you end up wanting it more. I went into it thinking it doesn’t matter [if I get cast]. And then when it went to Braunwyn [Wyndham Burke], I was kind of bummed. But I do feel like everything worked out in terms of timing.

The new housewives are often brought in as friends of current housewives. You mentioned Tamra previously submitted you for the show, but she’s not been very friendly to you this season, obsessing over Ryan’s previous infidelities.
I’m so confused. On “Watch What Happens Live,” I was asked if Tamra is different on camera than in real life. And honestly, I wasn’t saying yes to be sh-tty to Tamra, but you have to understand, I didn’t know her like this.

The conversations I had with Tamra outside of the show about my relationship with Ryan [versus] after getting on the show were a head turn for me. I’m like, what is happening right now?

After Tamra threw the napkin in your face you said you were taking notes. What is your relationship with Tamra like now?
Tamra and I are strained right now and I don’t know where it goes. I know it’s just an ebb and flow. You’re going to see it go up and down as the show continues.

Has this affected your relationship with Eddie [Tamra’s husband]?
I trained with Eddie for years, four times a week. And I can only imagine what he’s being told by his wife. It’s a real bummer for me because Eddie meant a lot to me as a friend and a trainer. We had lots of very real conversations in that gym. It tugs my heartstrings for sure.

It sounds like you haven’t had contact with either recently.
Everything took a turn after “Watch What Happens Live.” Tamra and I don’t even communicate on social media anymore. Certainly, that would include Eddie.

Who are you close to on the show?
I was surprised by Shannon Beador. All those years knowing Tamra, I just knew Shannon as this person that hurt my friend. And I was like, OK, I’m going to tread lightly with Shannon. But she has been awesome to me. She is funny and I have really gotten to enjoy getting to know her. Taylor Armstrong could not be sweeter to me. We’re Oklahoma bonded.

New housewives have not had a good track record on this show. Not since Braunwyn Windham-Burke has a new O.C. housewife lasted more than one season. When we talked to Heather Dubrow, she said you had a lot of “stickiness” and could see you returning.
I’m hopeful. I came into this thinking that I’m in this whole new spot in my life. I want to meet these new women. They’re successful. They’re opinionated. And I want more of that in my life.

And [this season] just went a way that I didn’t even feel like I got to show who I am. Or I didn’t get to be who I would love to show who I am. And so yes, I wish and hope that I get another opportunity for that.

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