Jimmy Fallon Jokes GOP Is So ‘Desperate’ for Evidence Against Biden, ‘They Just Subpoenaed the White House Elf on the Shelf’ | Video

“‘Come on, we know you know something. You ziplined into his popcorn yesterday!'” Fallon joked

Republicans voted to move ahead with an impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden this week, despite that there is no evidence connecting him to any crimes. Jimmy Fallon joked on Thursday night that the party is so “desperate” to scrape some evidence up that they even subpoenaed a holiday decoration.

During his monologue, Fallon first poked fun at how the voting shook out, joking that it wasn’t just Republicans who voted to go ahead with the inquiry.

“The votes were unanimous. 221 Republicans and one Kamala Harris,” he joked.

The “Tonight Show” host then immediately pointed out the fact that Republicans have found no evidence linking President Biden to a crime thus far, something they themselves have been vocal about. So, Fallon suspected they found a new source.

“You can tell they’re desperate, they just subpoenaed the White House Elf on the Shelf,” he said. Fallon then mimicked what he suspects that demand sounded like, saying in a deep voice, “‘Come on, we know you know something. You ziplined into his popcorn yesterday!’”

That said, Fallon lamented the possibility of a Biden impeachment, which would become the third impeachment of a U.S. president in four years.

“It’s not great that we’re pumping out impeachments like they’re ‘Fast and Furious’ sequels, you know?” he said. “Impeachment 3: Tokyo Drift.”

You can watch Jimmy Fallon’s full monologue in the video above.


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