Jimmy Fallon Needs a Moment to Collect Himself After Clip of Iowa Lawmaker Hyping Up Trump Crowd With Yoda Impression | Video

The NBC host was visibly baffled – but amused – by the moment

Donald Trump’s rallies may go off the rails pretty often, but never before has one included the disgraced ex-president getting hyped up to the crowd via an impression of Yoda, from “Star Wars” — until now. And, after watching it, Jimmy Fallon needed a moment to process and collect himself.

Between his many courtroom appearances, Trump managed to find time to hold a campaign rally in Iowa over the weekend and, before he hit the stage, a state congressman warmed up the crowd. To do so, he encouraged the audience to vote — but he told them using his best Yoda voice.

“The dark side is very powerful in Biden. Crooked is he,” Mike Sexton said. “The force is strong in Trump. Win, he must. Help him, you can. Caucus for him, you shall!”

As the clip finished, Fallon looked visibly stunned and amused, and the audience was just as silent, trying to process what just happened. After a few moments, the late night host was finally able to collect himself.

“His staff was like ‘When he said he was gonna do the whole speech as Yoda, I thought he was messin’ with us,’” Fallon mocked.

He then joked that Sexton also planned to bust out his Jack Nicholson impression after Yoda.

You can watch the full moment from Jimmy Fallon’s monologue in the video above.


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