Kimmel Scoffs at Trump’s Claim He Kept Israel Safe: ‘Couldn’t Even Keep Kanye Out of Mar-a-Lago’ (Video)

“Well then strap on some Kevlar and get over there, McRib Rambo,” Kimmel says

Everyone’s got thoughts about the violence and horrors happening in Israel, but on Tuesday, Jimmy Kimmel was focused primarily on disgraced former President Donald Trump’s thoughts. Specifically, the “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” host didn’t buy the politician’s assertion that he “kept Israel safe.”

“This is from a guy who couldn’t even keep Kanye out of Mar-a-Lago,” Kimmel joked during his monologue.

“At the White House today, President Biden gave a speech forcefully condemning the evil attacks on Israel by Hamas. He confirmed that Americans are among those taken hostage, and that at least 14 Americans were killed. He has vowed to do everything in his power to bring Americans home safely,” Kimmel said.

“While the MAGA-lorian is on a full, all-caps alert!” Kimmel continued, now referring to Trump, who wrote earlier in the day: “I kept Israel safe! Nobody else will, nobody else can, and I know all of the players!”

“Well then strap on some Kevlar and get over there, McRib Rambo!” Kimmel said in response. “Trump would like us to believe that his mere presence would’ve kept Hamas out of Israel and Russia out of Ukraine.”

“It’s pretty clear that at this point, he’s got no connection to reality at all,” Kimmel continued. “All he can see is perfect phone calls and unfair witch hunts; elections he won, and wars he would have prevented. You know, we could build a little oval office in a mental institution and put him in there. Tell him he’s been reinstated as president. He’d be perfectly content. Drawing on weather maps, pushing that little Diet Coke red button. He’d be happy, we’d be happy — let’s get it done! I mean, come on already,” Kimmel urged.

You can watch the entire monologue at the top of the page now.


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