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Jimmy Kimmel Next-Levels the Ice Bucket Challenge With a Slushie in His Pants (Video)

Go small or go home

By now, if you’re a celebrity contemplating taking the Ice Bucket Challenge, you’ve really got to go above and beyond a simple frozen shower.

Once a chilly way of earning some good PR and online adoration, participation in the meme/ALS fundraiser has become more or less mandatory for those in Hollywood. Stars began dumping ice water on themselves in earnest over the weekend, leading to plenty of compilations of hypodermic actors, from Mickey Rourke to Chris Pratt and Kerry Washington.

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The stunt has raised over $11 million for Lou Gehrig’s Disease research, and the charity is always appreciated, but if celebrities really want to get in on the internet adulation, they can’t just dump a bunch of water on their heads and call it a day — it’s too late for that. Instead, they’ve got to do what Jimmy Kimmel did on Monday night.

The “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” host took a break from a fly fishing vacation to open up his wadder pants and empty an entire slushie machine’s worth of ice and water down into his nether regions. Your move, Matt Damon.