Jimmy Kimmel and Seth MacFarlane Expertly Sketch ABC Audience Members (Video)

Turns out the man behind “Family Guy” can’t quite directions — but he can still draw

Last Updated: August 26, 2015 @ 10:57 AM

A super-sick Seth MacFarlane proved how much of a gamer he is, showing up to “Jimmy Kimmel Live” despite having half a voice — at best. For a man who makes his money doing voices, that’s a problem.

MacFarlane, however, started his career in a far more quiet pursuit: animating. His Tuesday host Jimmy Kimmel had the idea to both kill airtime and save Seth’s voice by having both sketch a couple from the audience.

This is really good television, watching people draw other people,” Kimmel sarcastically quipped.

It turns out Kimmel can actually draw a bit, and MacFarlane can’t follow directions at all. Spoiler alert: the man with a hand in Patrick Stewart‘s “Blunt Talk” decided to sketch out another famous TV couple instead of the Indiana duo Kimmel identified as models.

Watch the video above to find out who MacFarlane scribbled.