Jimmy Kimmel Walks Back Claim Truth Social is ‘a Colossal Failure’: ‘It’s Only an Abysmal Failure’ | Video

“I’m deeply sorry you’re so bad at running companies, I guess,” ABC host jokes about Donald Trump

On Thursday, Jimmy Kimmel had a lot of fun mocking Donald Trump’s Twitter clone, Truth Social, for widespread reporting that it lost a ton of money in 2023. But on Thursday’s episode of ABC’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” Kimmel issued a retraction.

Faced with the news that instead of losing $73 million, Truth Social lost $31 million, Kimmel admitted, “Truth Social isn’t a colossal failure, it’s only an abysmal failure.”

“We talk a lot about Donald Trump here at the show. In the same way paleontologists talk about apes, right? We’re studying him but it’s easy to forget sometimes that he actually sees this stuff. He’s obsessed with himself, and with what people say about him,” Kimmel said during his Thursday night monologue.

“And because of that we have somehow, found ourselves once again in the wisp-thin cross-hairs of our crazy Ex-President and his compatriots. This morning I woke up to a letter from the Trump Media and Technology Group, demanding that I apologize for, and retract, a statement I made on the air about his struggling social media platform Truth Social,” Kimmel said.

Kimmel then read the letter demanding a retraction in full — you can see the whole thing in the video at the top of the page. Then, Kimmel responded.

“And here’s the thing. You know, this is a nightly comedy show, we do make every effort to present accurate information. We’re pretty rigorous when it comes to fact-checking, and in this case, on the day we aired this, it had been widely reported by multiple, credible outlets that Truth Social had lost $73 million dollars. But according to their filing with the SEC, Truth Social lost $31.6 million dollars since it’s launch in June 30th 2023, the company lost $31.6 million dollars,” Kimmel said.

“In other words, in fairness, Truth Social isn’t a colossal failure, it’s only an abysmal failure,” he quipped.

“I have to say, demanding a retraction, “Kimmel continued,” for reporting the value of his company incorrectly is pretty darn hilarious considering the fact he is on trial right now for reporting the value of his company incorrectly. Maybe he should sue himself.”

“But in all fairness, TMTG demanded an apology, so from the bottom of my heart I want to say, Donald Trump and everyone at the TMTG, I’m deeply sorry you’re so bad at running companies, I guess.”


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