John Leguizamo Previews Donald Trump’s Bronx Rally: ‘He’s Gonna Get His’ | Video

The “Green Veil” star theorizes with “Morning Joe” how the embattled former president found a foothold with Latino evangelicals

John Leguizamo appeared to learn about Donald Trump’s Thursday campaign rally in the Bronx earlier that day while in an interview on “Morning Joe.” Upon host Mika Brzezinski sharing the news, the actor and star of “The Green Veil” responded excitedly.

“The BX?! Oooh he’s gonna get his. The BX don’t mess, they don’t play around,” he said.

They might not mess around, but Brzezinski was sure to point out that Trump still draws a crowd, and in New York City’s northernmost borough, Latino supporters are expected to attend Thursday evening. Leguizamo has previously been outspoken about the Latino vote and why it’s necessary for President Joe Biden to not take it for granted, but he posited with the “Morning Joe” team why and how Trump has found a foothold in that demographic as well.

“Some Latinos are evangelical … of course, it doesn’t make sense. I mean, he’s not the second coming. He’s the apocalypse, that’s what they need to understand” the actor quipped of Trump. “But yeah, I mean, because … obviously he talks about contraception and abortion and sort of anti-LGBTQ+ laws. Evangelicals believe in that stuff, so that’s how you get them, you know?”

Leguizamo added: “You’re not going to get the rest of us Latinos and you’re not going to get latin women because they want to have control of their bodies and rights.”

Panelist Rev. Al Sharpton also chimed in, offering some free advice to the Biden campaign on how to best draw a comparison between him and his Republican competitor.

“What I would do is cut a commercial showing the compassion of Joe Biden — we all have seen him really show compassion, stand with the Latino community. And then show Donald Trump in the middle of the storm going down to Puerto Rico throwing paper towels,” he said.

“Right, insulting people who were suffering,” Leguizamo agreed.

“Show it. Stop being so nice about it,” Sharpton persisted. “Show him raw.”

When asked earlier in the Thursday morning segment “what you’re seeing, what your anxieties are” when it comes to the Latino vote ahead of November’s presidential election, Leguizamo emphasized that “we’re not a monolith.”

“Some of us are conservative, some of us are very religious, some of us are evangelical, some of us are not any of that. Some of us are very progressive, very liberal,” he said. “But the important thing is just reach out, call, stump, talk about our issues, and that’s what needs to be done, come after us. Don’t assume that we’re going to vote for you, don’t assume that we’re just going to be democratic and vote Democrat. We’re not. You have to come for us.”

Watch the actor’s full “Morning Joe” appearance in the video, above.


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