‘Orphan Black’ Star Jordan Gavaris Says Fired APA Agent Tyler Grasham ‘Harassed’ Him

“When I was 21, Tyler Grasham repeatedly harassed me about my sexuality,” Gavaris says

“Orphan Black” actor Jordan Gavaris tweeted Friday that Tyler Grasham — the Hollywood agent fired after a sexual assault accusation — “repeatedly harassed” him years ago.

“When I was 21, Tyler Grasham repeatedly harassed me about my sexuality, and forcibly implied he could ‘protect me’ if I joined his roster…” Gavaris wrote. “But that if I didn’t, my career may be derailed.”

Gavaris, now 28, said that Grasham invited him to dinner at the home of a “notorious producer repeatedly accused of sexual assault of minors.” Gavaris said that he declined to attend, leading to further harassment from Grasham.

“He told me I was overreacting. I told him he was dangerous,” the actor continued. “My opinion has not changed. In conclusion: #metoo”

Grasham was fired Friday after former teen actor Blaise Godbe Lipman accused him Thursday of plying him with alcohol and sexually abusing him a decade ago, when Lipman was in his late teens. Another man, Lucas Ozarowski, has also come forward to accuse Grasham of sexual assault.

Gavaris’ publicist did not immediately respond to a request for comment. Grasham has not replied to numerous requests for comment.

The tweets are below.