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Kamala Harris Stopped by Brandy and Monica’s Verzuz Battle to Fangirl – and Remind Everyone to Vote

”You queens, you stars, you icons,“ Harris said

Brandy and Monica’s Verzuz battle drew quite a stir on the internet Monday night, and one of them being vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris.

The two R&B singers reunited for Swizz Beatz and Timbaland’s beats battle series, which now partners with Apple Music, for a competition over whose hits are the greatest. The three-hour Instagram Live event culminated in, of course, their joint-hit “The Boy Is Mine” — but not before Harris stopped by to fangirl over them and, oh yeah, remind everyone to vote.

“I just wanted to thank you ladies, just you queens, you stars, you icons,” Harris said in her cameo appearance, in which she appeared on a screen above the singers’ heads where they sat at Tyler Perry Studios. “Thank you for doing this for When We All Vote. It’s so important for everyone. You both used your voice in such a powerful way, and an extension of our voices is our vote.”

Harris continued to shower them with praise. “I love you, I’m just a huge fan of both of you,” she told Brandy and Monica, who were beaming.

Michelle Obama also stopped by in the comments on behalf of her When We All Vote campaign, encouraging everyone to, well, you know.

The battle drew a record-breaking 1.2 million views and was the talk of Twitter Monday night and into the next morning, inspiring many memes over the singers’ joking — or serious? — feud.

Watch Harris’ cameo below, followed by a collection of some of our favorites memes of the night.