Kimmel Jokes That ‘Golden Bachelor’ Gerry Turner ‘Is a Psychopath’ After Proposal (Video)

“He seemed like a nice, normal man, but anyone who can do that?” the ABC host says about the reality show finale

Like a lot of people, Jimmy Kimmel watched the finale of ABC’s “The Golden Bachelor,” and after seeing Gerry Turner, the show’s star, propose to Theresa Nist, the ABC late night host was a bit weirded out.

Turner used a fake-out Thursday in which he first told Nist that she wasn’t “the right person for me to live with,” but after a dramatic pause he added, “you’re the person I can’t live with out.”

That, Kimmel joked, means he’s “a psychopath.” You can watch the full monologue above now.

“I don’t know if you know, but it’s Golden Bachelor Night here on ABC. The season finale of ‘How Grampa Got His Groove Back.’ After a long and emotional journey, Bachelor Gary or Gerry or Jerry or whatever the hell his name is, finally chose the woman he’ll share the rest of his reverse mortgage with.” 

“And um, He finally found the Centrum to his Silver,” Kimmel joked before showing a clip from the big moment.

“Now, hold on a minute,” Kimmel said after the scene in which Turner proposed. “Because I met this guy Gerry, he seemed like a nice, normal man. But anyone who can do that? Anybody who can Ryan Seacrest a moment like that, like the one where you tell the woman that you love her? Is a psychopath.”

Okay. How can you ever trust that person again?  He looked right into her eyes   and basically told her she was going to die alone. And went ‘oh no just kidding.’ It’s sick. It’s the mark of a sick individual,” Kimmel joked.

Kimmel then noted that Turner and Nist will be getting married Jan. 4 in a live TV special that will air, of course, on ABC.

“I guess at their age, we can’t take any chances,” He said.

Later in the bit, Kimmel congratulated them and added, “If you want to buy them a gift, they’re registered at Crematorium & Barrel.” This earned him a sarcastic drum roll from his band.


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  1. Ecclesiastes 314 Avatar
    Ecclesiastes 314

    Jimmy Kimmel, you should be ashamed of yourself. You are mad because he didn’t pick your Auntie. Why he didn’t pick her, because she seemed as if she reached the end of the road.

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