LeBron James Doesn’t Like the ‘Squid Game’ Ending, Either (Video)

The NBA star was overheard discussing the Netflix hit during a press conference

squid game lebron james
Netflix/Getty Images

If you weren’t a fan of the ending of the Netflix sensation “Squid Game,” you’re not alone.

Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James was overheard discussing the series with teammate Anthony Davis during a press conference on Tuesday, and after both players confirmed they had each finished the season, LeBron launched into a discussion of the ending.

“Yeah I didn’t like the ending, though…” James can be overheard telling Davis, before launching into a spoiler-filled discussion on the finer points of how the story concludes.

Spoilers for “Squid Game” follow below.

The end of the series finds Seong Gi-hun (played by Lee Jung-jae) about to step on a flight to visit his daughter in the United States a year after winning the deadly competition, only to pause when he calls the people responsible for crafting the game in the first place. The voice on the other end of the call tells Seong to get on the flight and forget about the games, but Seong hangs up, turns around, and looks determined to hunt down those responsible for putting the games on in the first place.

James didn’t quite agree with Seong’s decision. “Get on the f—ing flight, what are you doing? It’s 45 billion won, bro. What the f—? It’s not my problem, you won the game.”

Davis appears to agree with James’ assessment, even though the ending seems crafted to speak more to the themes of the season than the idea of throwing the money away. Indeed, the show takes aim at the exploitative nature of capitalism – the lengths to which desperate people will go to get a chance at being rich, and the inhumanity with which the impoverished are treated by the wealthy ruling class.

Seong’s decision is less about the money and more about putting an end to this cycle of abuse.

But James and Davis aren’t the only ones disappointed by how “Squid Game” ends, as many have taken to social media to force their displeasure and confusion at the show’s final moments.

“Squid Game” creator Hwang Dong-hyuk has publicly stated his interest in the story potential of following Seong in a Season 2, to see where he goes after deciding not to board the plane. So those disappointed by the ending may be heartened to hear the story might not be quite over.

Watch LeBron’s take below.