‘Life in Pieces’ Sneak Peek: Fortune Feimster Returns as Dougie (Exclusive Video)

New episode airs Thursday at 9:30 on CBS

Fortune Feimster returns to “Life in Pieces” as Dougie on Thursday’s episode of the CBS family comedy.

In a new preview of the episode, titled “Sleepover Dream Light Haze,” Dougie interrupts her roommate Colleen (Angelique Cabral) and Matt (Thomas Sadowski) as they enjoy a nice breakfast and continue to prepare for their upcoming wedding.

Dougie goes off after opening the refrigerator to discover that one of her roommates ate her pot roast during the night. They both deny it, but the network’s description of the episode suggests they might not be telling the whole truth: “When Matt and Colleen take a strong sleep aid, they start experiencing crazy sleepwalking adventures.”

Elsewhere in the episode, Greg gets upset when Jen reveals she had a sex dream about a member of the family; Tim regrets missing a slumber party when he was a kid so he insists on helping Sophia make it through a friend’s sleepover; and John installs a motion-sensor light in the yard that flashes repeatedly, keeping them up at night.

Also in Thursday’s episode, J.B. Smoove returns as John and Joan’s Neighbor, Darryl.

“Life in Pieces” airs Thursdays at 9:30/8:30 c on CBS.