‘The Masked Singer’: Sir Bugaboo Wasn’t Worried About ‘Ghostbusters’ Giving Away His Voice on the Show

“I wasn’t gonna do anything that I normally would do on stage,” Sir Bugaboo told TheWrap

Bugaboo Masked Singer

(Warning: Spoilers ahead for Wednesday night’s episode of “The Masked Singer”).

It was fright night on Wednesday’s episode of “The Masked Singer,” but the only thing to be truly afraid of was elimination. And unfortunately, that was the case for Sir Bugaboo. But he wasn’t afraid of being guessed right away (and he certainly wasn’t afraid of no ghosts).

Heading into the episode, fans didn’t get much in the way of clues on Sir Bugaboo’s identity. All they knew was that his costume was very reminiscent of the Cheshire Cat from “Alice in Wonderland,” and his mask-ray revealed a bow tie. As a result, some fans speculated it might be Bill Nye the Science Guy, known for his bow ties in each video. Other suggested it could be “Modern Family” star Jesse Tyler Ferguson, who has released bow tie collections in the past.

In the end though, it ended up being “Ghostbusters” singer Ray Parker Jr. But even with such an iconic song, he wasn’t worried that his voice would give away his identity too quickly.

“Because I wasn’t gonna do anything that I normally would do on stage in my own show,” Parker Jr. explained to TheWrap. “Some extra yells, or some things to give it away. I just sang the part and did it normally.”

The irony here is, of course, the fact that Ray Parker Jr.’s name has already come up on “The Masked Singer,” and pretty recently at that. That’s part of why he says he was so “geeked” to come on the show, even for just a short time.

“I mean, I’d seen it on TV, and I thought I could do it. And, a year ago, they had misguessed me as somebody else, as Bobby Brown. [Robin Thicke] thought I was Bobby Brown. So I was already kind of geeked up to do it anyway. People had been calling me on the phone, ‘Hey, Ray it’s you isn’t it?’ And I was like ‘What are you talking about?’ And that’s how I found out about the show, and what it was like, because people thought I was on there already.”

And, now that he’s been on it, Parker Jr. really wants to do it again (though perhaps with an easier costume to maneuver).

“I hope they ask me to do because that would be a bigger surprise!” Parker Jr. said. “They just won’t guess me again.”

The semifinals of “The Masked Singer” air Thursday night on Fox at 8 p.m. ET.