‘Moon Knight’: Oscar Isaac and Ethan Hawke Break Down That Episode 4 Twist Ending

“We have a hero who has a fractured mind. And he’s an unreliable narrator,” Hawke tells TheWrap

If you thought you had a handle on what was going on in “Moon Knight,” odds are episode 4 destroyed that confidence. Don’t worry, Oscar Isaac and Ethan Hawke know how confused everyone is, but they also have some insight as to what’s coming.

In “The Tomb”, Marc, Steven and Layla successfully infiltrate the tomb of Ammit. But, in the final minutes of the episode, Marc/Steven is shot and tumbles into a small pool. Suddenly, he and the viewers are transported to what appears to be a mental health facility, in which Marc and Layla are both patients, Harrow is running the place, and Marc seems to have concocted his entire reality — and both his personalities — based on an old adventure film.

Later, as Marc tries to get his bearings, he comes face to face with Steven, who was being held in some sort of sarcophagus of his own in a private room. Absolutely none of it makes sense, and that’s where the episode leaves us.

“I imagine people will feel like once we’re finally starting to get a handle on what is happening, the whole rug gets just yanked from under everyone and we’re thrown into a whole different scenario,” Oscar Isaac admitted to TheWrap prior to the “Moon Knight” premiere. “And that’s very exciting.”

Naturally, he couldn’t tease much beyond that, but offered his sympathies that fans will have to wait to find out what happens. But, series star Ethan Hawke could hint at a bit more — and he cautions fans to remember that Steven and Marc may not be the best sources of information.

“We have a hero who has a fractured mind. And he’s an unreliable narrator,” Hawke said. “And what you realize at the end of four is that you’re being told a story from his point of view, and his point of view might be misleading.”

That being said, Hawke also promises that clarity is coming. There’s just a few more things that need to happen first.

“And what the rest of the journey — his journey is to integrate all his selves into one, and as he integrates it, reality itself gets clearer” he added. “So things will be made clear, but just not yet.” With only two episodes left, we sure hope so.

The first four episodes of Marvel’s “Moon Knight” are now streaming on Disney+.