‘Morning Joe’: George Conway Says Trump Will ‘Burn the House Down’ Before Losing Presidential Nomination (Video)

The conservative attorney and former Trump ally added that the GOP must fight or “let him self-destruct”

During a Wednesday interview on “Morning Joe,” conservative attorney and former Trump ally George Conway proclaimed that former President Trump is “out for vengeance” and wants to “protect himself from prosecution” with his 2024 presidential campaign launch.

Host Joe Scarborough called Trump a “wounded politician,” to which Conway agreed and said “he does not carry the weight that he once carried.”

“[The Republican Party] is clearly not as afraid of [Trump] as they once were, they clearly don’t want to kiss the ring in the way they once kissed the ring. But the problem is, he’s still there and he still does have a chunk of the party…almost cultishly in support of him,” Conway said. “He’ll burn the house down before he lets anyone else take the nomination from him.”

Conway reasoned that it’s going to take a “one-on-one” challenge to defeat Trump, and that if there’s a multi-candidate race, the former president will win the majority with “30 or 40 percent” of the vote.

“The Republican Party has a problem,” Conway continued. “They have to fight Trump or let him self- destruct, but they’ll be in the blast radius. It’s just a terrible, terrible choice that the Republican Party faces.

Trump, who was twice impeached and defeated by Joe Biden in his second presidential run in 2020, is still under investigation for a flurry of things, including the Jan. 6 insurrection, a FBI investigation into his handling of confidential government documents post-presidency and a probe following Trump’s efforts to overturn Georgia results, to name a few. Conway says that this third presidential run is an effort to protect himself from any legal consequences he might face.

“It’s blackmail, it’s a threat of violence trying to deter prosecutors by threatening civil disorder,” Conway explained. “He’s done that a number of times. If something like that does happen, then he’ll say, ‘These are the things that happen when bad people to bad things to me,’ and he wants that to happen. That’s why, in part, he’s running. It’s a dangerous thing.”

However, the judiciaries have made it clear that all the legal investigations that hang over Trump’s head will continue, regardless of his presidential bid.

Watch the “Morning Joe” segment here or in the embed above.