‘Morning Joe’ Says George W Bush ‘Would Have Gutted’ Trump if They Actually Ran Against Each Other (Video)

Trump conflated the former wartime president with his brother Jeb Bush at a rally on Monday

Donald Trump once again mixed up candidates he ran against this week, this time conflating Jeb Bush with George W. Bush. But, had Trump actually run against George W. Bush, MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” crew is pretty sure Trump would have been “gutted” in no time at all.

During a speech in South Carolina on Monday, Trump recounted to his followers that, in 2016, “everyone thought Bush was going to win,” because he “supposedly was a military person.” He then mocked his military leadership.

“He got us into the Middle East,” Trump said. “How did that work out, right? But they all thought that Bush might win — Jeb. Remember Jeb?”

Of course, Jeb Bush did not lead the U.S. through conflict in the Middle East. That was his brother, George W. Bush, more than a decade earlier. But, on Tuesday’s episode of “Morning Joe,” presidential historian Jon Meacham imagined what a George W. Bush match-up with Trump would actually look like.

“I will say one thing: One of the great primary races ever would have been George W. Bush versus Donald Trump,” Meacham said. “That would have been a cage match.”

But Joe Scarborough quickly jumped in to disagree, joking that it would have been a very shortlived cage match.

“That would have been over in five minutes,” Scarborough mocked. “Donald Trump would have started talking and George W. Bush would have looked at him, he would have gone ‘Heh! And I’m the one that’s supposed to be dumb! What are you talking about?’”

He continued, “And he would have gutted him. George W. Bush would have finished Donald Trump’s campaign in five minutes.”

Trump’s Bush mix-up marks the second time he’s confused his former political opponents, after erroneously saying a few weeks ago that he won against Barack Obama.

You can watch the full discussion from “Morning Joe” in the video above.


5 responses to “‘Morning Joe’ Says George W Bush ‘Would Have Gutted’ Trump if They Actually Ran Against Each Other (Video)”

  1. Mark Nobles Avatar
    Mark Nobles

    “Would have”, before Trump dragged all of these traitors out into the light. Trump would crush the failed Bush clan. 

  2. Deborah Kondo Avatar
    Deborah Kondo

    George W. Bush was a cone head and a drunk who got into office in tge coat tails of tge Bush name. He lied when he claimed Iraq had WMD which was his pretext to start a war that cost Anerica its treasure as well as countless Iraqi citizens: men  women and children. He will have to be held to account for being the cause of death destruction and destabilizing the Middle East. On this side or the other, he will have a reckoning with his God He is inarticulate and void of ideas other than those told to him. He can’t even gut a fish.

  3. Pancho Avatar

    Or had hitmen in Dailey Plaza

  4. Bud Avatar

    Seriously? I wholeheartedly disagree with Scarborough that W would have wiped the floor with Trump. It is a f’ing joke that he even suggested that.

  5. Lepke Buchalter Avatar
    Lepke Buchalter

    Like low energy Jeb?

    I doubt it.

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