‘Morning Joe’ Says Biden Can Combat Age Concerns by Embracing It: ‘Yes, I’m Old’ but Trump ‘Is Deranged and Fascist-Adjacent’ (Video)

“Don’t make it too complex,” Charlie Sykes says

Age continues to be an issue for the Biden administration, as voters worry the president is too old to serve out a second term, should he win reelection. But MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” crew had some advice for President Joe Biden: embrace it.

On Monday morning’s episode of the show, host Joe Scarborough was once again frustrated by new polling putting Biden at low odds against Trump, but noted that the Republican Party is clearly “divided” right now. Scarborough posed the question of whether a “viable, strong message” from Democrats could give them the edge over the next year, and panelist Charlie Sykes argued yes.

He even had that message ready to go.

“It’s not really that complicated. Joe Biden can say, ‘Yes, I’m old, but he is crazy. They are crazy, and they are dangerous, and they are burning it down,’” he said, earning a laugh from host Mika Brzezinski.

“‘Yes, I am an old guy, but this guy is deranged and fascist-adjacent,’” Sykes continued. “That’s the way you address the age issue, and the contrast. Don’t make it too complex. You know, ‘I’m old, but you’re nuts.’”

As for the Republican Party itself, Sykes argued that “they’re doubling down on dysfunction,” calling out House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, specifically.

“Kevin McCarthy has given away so much of his power, he has made himself so weak, that he in fact has put the lunatics and the clowns in charge,” Sykes said. “And yet, this is the moment where we have to ask, are the American people going to think that the Republican Party should be trusted with more power?”

He continued, “Are they a serious governing party? Or has it become all performative? And it’s interesting, they’re not even waiting till after the election to basically let their freak flags fly.”

You can watch Sykes’ full comments in the video above.