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Nicolle Wallace Says Peggy Noonan’s Kamala Harris Op-Ed Caused Her ‘Physical Pain’ (Video)

”This to me felt tone-deaf, it felt nasty, it felt personal and it felt bitchy,“ the MSNBC host says of the op-ed

MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace said on Monday that Peggy Noonan’s recent op-ed about Kamala Harris was “bitchy” and caused her “physical pain to read.”

“It causes me physical pain to read that from Peggy. She’s one of the people for whom I saw what was possible for myself in a career in politics as a communicator. And she’s someone I don’t just admire — I revere her words. Some of the speeches she’s written, I’ve devoted to memory,” Wallace said. “So to hear her take out her very skilled cudgel and smash it against a woman who’s broken the kinds of barriers that every one of us has faced — Peggy, too — is searing for me.”

In the op-ed, published in the Wall Street Journal last Friday, Noonan criticized Harris for being “giddy” and “coming across as insubstantial, frivolous,” citing her “loud laugh” and dancing at rallies and with “drum lines” as what she saw as examples of “embarrassing” behavior.

“I don’t know anyone more goofy and stupid than Donald Trump,” Wallace continued. “This, to me, felt tone-deaf, it felt nasty, it felt personal and it felt bitchy.”

“I have never been more disappointed in a woman that I thought I admired in my life,” former Sen. Claire McCaskill, who was a guest on Wallace’s show, also chimed in.

Watch the segment above and below.