National Enquirer Sells for Nearly $100 Million as Tabloid Eyes Future in TV, Film

New ownership says it will “aggressively pursue TV, film and podcast licensing partnerships” for the brand

National Enquirer Cover

The National Enquirer’s U.S. and U.K. editions have a new owner. It was revealed Monday that VVIP Ventures has agreed to buy the outlet from publisher a360 Media, LLC. The exact price tag is being kept under wraps, but new ownership told the New York Times that the deal closed at “a little less” than $100 million.

VVIP Ventures, a joint venture between publicly traded Vinco Ventures, Inc. and ICON Publishing, LLC, are now owners of print and digital assets and owned intellectual property of the National Enquirer, the National Examiner and the Globe. “The editorial teams of a360 Media responsible for these publications will also join the joint venture,” the company said in a press release Monday. 

Additionally, “a slate of additional brands is under development” and the firm “intends to aggressively pursue TV, film and podcast licensing partnerships, as well as creating new productions, leveraging the National Enquirer’s legendary archive, in-depth investigative journalism and breaking news.”

“Vinco’s digital platforms and capabilities are well positioned to maximize revenues from these iconic and already profitable media brands,” Rod Vanderbilt, executive chairman of the Vinco board, said in a statement. “Our digital ecosystem will be critical in heightening the reputation and recognizability of the National Enquirer, National Examiner and Globe to a broader audience and the editorial team joining us from these publications will play an important role in these efforts. We look forward to integrating these publications into our business and continuing their legacy of success.” 

The terms of the asset purchase agreement also give VVIP Ventures “the exclusive right for a 90-day period to discuss business collaborations with a360 Media.” 

Further, the joint venture will “enter into a multi-year service agreement for publishing, financial and distribution services with a360 Media,” the statement said.

Technically, the acquisition remains pending until the companies work through some “consents and customary conditions” in the pact, which was negotiated by attorney Tom K. Ara at DLA Piper LLP, who advised VVIP Ventures on the acquisition, while Paul Weiss Rifkind Wharton & Garrison LLP represented the sellers and New York-based attorney Jolie Kahn represented Vinco Ventures. 

For a360 Media, President Doug Olson said “the Vinco Ventures ecosystem and digital platforms provide an opportunity for these brands to find further growth and opportunity as we continue to sharpen our focus on a360 Media’s women’s lifestyle and celebrity and entertainment brands, bolstered by the recent acquisitions of Bauer’s US publishing business and Centennial Media. We look forward to our new partnership with Vinco and ICON as we leverage accelerate360’s vast operational resources and services to provide publishing and distribution support for the acquired brands.”

Vinco indicated in the statement that it intends to monetize “through in-sourcing and cost synergies,” likening its news portfolio  to “AdRizer, a leading publisher and analytics solution with a focus on revenue attribution, which Vinco acquired in February 2022.”