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National Journal Nabs Newsweek Editor

Hiring spree continues as Adam Kushner jumps from newsweekly to become deputy of magazine

When I spoke with National Journal editor-in-chief Ron Fournier last week, I asked him if they were done with their crazy binging-and-poaching hiring spree. He said there were a "handful" of hires left to go.

It appears he was serious.

A day after announcing that it had snagged David Beard, editor of the Boston Globe's Boston.com, to become its deputy editor-in-chief and online editor, the National Journal Group named Adam Kushner, a senior editor at Newsweek, as deputy magazine editor.

"Adam will inject rigor and discipline to our analyses, ensuring that our reporters seize the heart of every story and not its capillaries," Fournier said in making the announcement. "Under his guidance, National Journal readers won't be left asking, 'So what? Why does this matter?' They'll know what happened in Washington and why it's relevant to their lives and work."

Before Newsweek, Kushner spent four years in a variety of roles at the New Republic.

Alright, it's time to update your National Journal draft scorecards: Adam Kushner (Newsweek), David Beard (Boston Globe), Patsy Wilson (Reuters), Kathy Kiely (USA Today), Beth Reinhard (Miami Herald), former Fox Major Garrett (Fox News), Michael Hirsh (Newsweek), Matt Cooper (Time), Marc Ambinder (The Atlantic), Aamer Madhani (USA Today), Yochi Dreazen (WSJ), Josh Kraushaar (Politico), among others.

And, while you're at it, the Newsweek exodus list: editor-in-chief Jon Meacham, international editor Fareed Zakaria, editor-at-large Evan Smith, editorial director Mark Miller, diplomatic correspondent Lally Weymouth, senior Washington correspondent Howard Fineman, national economic correspondent and senior editor Michael Hirsch, Kusnher, economics editor Daniel Gross, investigative reporter Mark Hosenball, Newsweek.com general manager Geoff Reiss and executive editor Gabriel Snyder have either left or have announced plans to leave.