For Netflix, a Lack of Identity Could Be an Asset | Analysis

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Unlike most of its streaming rivals, the trendsetter isn’t defined by a specific brand, franchise or IP

Netflix shows
Netflix is the home of such diverse fare as "Stranger Things," "Squid Game" and "Ozark." (Netflix, Christopher Smith/TheWrap)

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Netflix seems to be tired of people asking, “What is a Netflix show?”

In a letter to shareholders Wednesday, it attempted an answer. What it came up with is that a hit Netflix show is, well, a hit Netflix show. You know, like, “Beef, “Queen Charlotte,” “Love Is Blind” or “The Night Agent” — any show that “super-serves the audience,” as the company put it.

Tautologies aside, it might have a point. Viewers tuned in, and subscribers paid up, to the tune of 5.9