See Lindsay Lohan’s Little Brother Model for Vogue China (Photo)

“Proud of my little brother,” Lohan writes on Twitter

lindsay lohan

Lindsay Lohan gave her little brother Cody “Dakota” Lohan a shoutout on Twitter after the 21-year-old appeared in a photoshoot for Vogue China.

“Proud of my little brother in Vogue China,” she wrote, sharing one of the shots. He was signed by IMG models in March 2016.

Lohan, for her part, was announced last month to co-star in the second season of the British sitcom “Sick Note” alongside Harry Potter” star Rupert Grint and “Paul” actor Nick Frost.

The series follows a compulsive liar (Grint), who is wrongly diagnosed with a terminal illness by his incompetent doctor (Frost) and is convinced to hide the truth from his colleagues, friends and family. Lohan joins the series as the daughter of Grint’s boss in the show’s second season.

The actress also recently took to Twitter to announce a new prank show called “The Anti-Social Network.”