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Pete Buttigieg Tells ‘The View’ How He Keeps From Losing It on Fox News (Video)

”We’ve gotta find some common ground,“ says former Democratic presidential candidate

Pete Buttigieg paid an Election Day visit to “The View” and the ladies grilled the former presidential candidate about how he’s able to stay so calm, cool, and collected on his frequent visits as a rare democratic voice on Fox News.

“We’ve talked with you on this show about your willingness to book interviews with outlets where we don’t typically see very many democrats, including Fox News. You’ve been there quite a lot recently, including last night, and you never waiver from your calm delivery of the facts,” said co-host Ana Navarro, referring to the former mayor of South Bend, Indiana’s Monday night appearance on Fox News, during which he asserted that the Obama-Biden economy was stronger than what we currently have under Trump.

“Why do you keep going on there, and how do you stay so unflappable?” Navarro asked.

Buttigieg smiled.

“Here’s the way I think of it. Most of the viewers of Fox News don’t agree with me politically, and definitely, the people controlling the content on that network, in my view, aren’t always being fair,” he said. “But I also know this: I can’t blame somebody for not supporting my perspective if they’ve literally never heard it.”

The former mayor went on to point out the opportunity he has to reach Republican voters who may still be undecided.

“One of the good things that’s coming out of our very troubled political moment is I think a lot of people are questioning old habits, including a lot of Republicans who are saying, okay, I’ve voted Republican all my life, but this is not what I had in mind,” he said. “The virus isn’t going to check your party registration. It is a threat to all of us, so we’ve gotta find some common ground here — and to me, finding common ground doesn’t mean watering down your values or pretending to be something that you’re not. It just means taking other people seriously and sharing why you care so much.”

Right on, Pete.