Poppy Harlow to Exit CNN After 16 Years

The network canceled the anchor duo of Harlow and Phil Mattingly on “CNN This Morning” in February

Poppy Harlow
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Poppy Harlow is departing CNN, announcing her decision in a memo to colleagues Friday after a 16-year run with the network.

In February, the anchor duo of Harlow and Phil Mattingly’s “CNN This Morning” was canceled, with both anchors having been offered other roles. Harlow decided to leave and try something new.

Initially, Harlow was a part of the anchor trio of Don Lemon and Kaitlan Collins, of the rebranded morning show, a programming move set in motion by then-CEO Chris Licht. Then Lemon was ousted from the network and Collins was moved to a primetime slot. 

“CNN This Morning” does still exist, however, it is anchored by Kasie Hunt and has a start time of 5 am ET.

Vanity Fair first reported on Harlow’s exit from the network on Friday. She has not yet said what she plans to do next.

“CNN gave me the opportunity to travel across this country and around the world — often at the worst of times, but when humanity also shows the best of itself,” Harlow wrote in her memo to colleagues on Friday announcing her departure.

“There’s been plenty written about what’s wrong with journalism, and the challenges our industry faces. And it does. But there is also so much right with it,” Harlow continued. “At the heart of everything we do is the pursuit of truth – it is the core of CNN. I remain CNN’s biggest fan and I’ll be watching and cheering you on every day.”

Harlow added, “Mark, Amy and the CNN management team have been wonderful and have given me the space to make this decision. I am very grateful to them.”

Harlow joined CNN in 2008 after serving as an anchor for Forbes Video Network and a reporter for NY1 News. She has previously served as anchor of “CNN Newsroom” and has anchored coverage of major events like the Boston Marathon bombing.


One response to “Poppy Harlow to Exit CNN After 16 Years”

  1. Kevin Avatar

    CNN, since I watched its maiden voyage as a kid, has gradually been strangling itself. For example, in recent history, killing pertinent valid and excellent non-biased programs. Stelter’s ‘independent thinking’ show comes to mind, as do several hosts lost when the nonsense by previous boss (Chris something from Network TV) took over.

    I was disappointed by Atika Shubert’s personal choice to bail out. But, at the same time, admired her standing up for herself; her independence. It seemed a bit shady, with no realistic explanation. She must have known something was up… or coming down soon?

    The mess started when the president of CNN had a relationship with an employee. Another ridiculous American “morals” issue — none of which affected his progress & production on the job. So they toss a guy and replace him with Losers.

    Kaitlin Collins, Jake Tapper, Smerconish… and very few others make it still worth watching. But I fear for their CNN futures. If they get a decent offer elsewhere they should emulate Atika Shubert’s courage and get out.

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