Randy Rainbow Applauds Trump – or ‘Rico Racketeering’ – for 91 Charges in New Parody: ‘9 More and You Get a Free Mugshot!’ (Video)

Set to the tune of the iconic “Funny Girl” song, Rainbow begs, “Don’t anybody dare arraign on his parade!”

Ahead of Donald Trump surrendering himself this week to be booked in Georgia for his fourth indictment, comedian and singer Randy Rainbow has returned with a new parody — but before he can even get into song, he must applaud Trump for his 91 total criminal charges.

The video begins, as always, with Rainbow “interviewing” Trump, using old footage of him to answer Rainbow’s questions. Rainbow commends Trump — or Rico Racketeering, as Rainbow dubs him — for running up the score so high that he almost earns a prize.

“Just nine more and you get a free mugshot!” Rainbow jokes.

In the video, Rainbow also applauds Trump’s high spirits amid all the legal troubles, saying his “delusional narcissism is inspiring.”

“You know, I gotta hand it to you Mr. Former-fake-one-term-twice-impeached-currently-four-time-criminally-indicted-not-my-president girl, when people call me names, or you know, threaten to lock me up for 70 years for plotting to overthrow democracy, I’m in bed for a good week!” he says. “But you, you just keep throwing parties for yourself!”

From there, the music kicks in, only this time, Trump realizes what’s happening, and begs Rainbow “don’t do it.” But of course he’s going to do it. And this time, he does it to the tune of “Don’t Rain on My Parade,” Barbara Streisand’s hit from “Funny Girl.”

“Don’t tell him he’s a dirty, lyin’ bragga,” Rainbow sings. “Life’s Big Macs, and the sun’s a ball of MAGA. Don’t anybody dare arraign on his parade! Don’t call him when new charges have arisen. Don’t tell him he’s about to rot in prison. Don’t even — just a hair — arraign on his parade!”

Watch the full song in the video above.