Randy Rainbow Denies Trump an Endorsement in New Parody of Indictment: ‘Braggadocious, Whiny, Little Traitorous Bitch’ (Video)

This time, it’s all set to the tune of “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy”

It seemed only a matter of time before Randy Rainbow pounced on twice-impeached former president Donald Trump’s indictment for a new parody video, and that moment has arrived.

In a return to form, Rainbow began the video with an “interview” with Trump for Fake News Channel. In it, Rainbow grabs recent footage of Trump claiming Ron DeSantis begged him for an endorsement to make it appear as thought Trump is asking Rainbow for one of his own. Naturally, the answer is a hard no.

“I’d rather go skiing with Gwyneth Paltrow,” he responds.

As the interview actually gets underway, Rainbow asks Trump if he thinks the indictment vote, plus several ongoing investigations, are hurting his 2024 campaign, to which Trump naturally complains that it’s unfair, and that President Joe Biden should be the one getting investigated.

“Girl you need to update your act,” Rainbow chastises. “This is your comeback/indictment tour! People don’t want to hear the same old songs!”

In a twist of events, Trump then agrees that he needs a new tune, telling Rainbow “Let’s give it a shot!” and pitching a handful of ideas, which are mostly just his normal gripes.

As he does, the tune of “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy” by Don Ray & Hughie Prince kicks in, and Rainbow recaps everything.

“He was a sleazy showbiz phony born in NYC, who somehow won the White House over Hillary,” Rainbow sings. “Then after one term got the sack, when Biden pummeled his ass, but now he wants to come back. He’s been indicted though, and so he’s making scenes, he’s the grumpy Trumpy felon from Jamaica in Queens!”

You can watch Rainbow’s full performance in the video above.