Randy Rainbow Drags ‘Shady Queen’ George Santos in Latest Parody: ‘Everything He Does Is Just to S– Stir’ (Video)

“Even every MAGA sycophant knows something ’bout this dude ain’t right,” Rainbow sings

Life isn’t a Jolly Holiday for George Santos, but rather, a f—in’ fantasy. At least, that’s how Randy Rainbow puts it in his latest parody video.

Yes, the New York congressman is Rainbow’s latest target, and in this video, he gets not one but two songs parodying him. This video is also different in that there’s no “interview” between Rainbow and Santos to set things up, as there normally is. Rainbow just gets straight to the point.

First up, as we mentioned above, is the cheerful “Jolly Holiday” from Mary Poppins. “Ain’t he a sack of B.S. How’d they elect such a mess?” Rainbow sings. “I think he might be high. Who could have foreseen this shady queen? All he does is lie.”

As the song continues, Rainbow sings over clips of Santos’ many lies, including the fact that he claimed he was Jewish, then later clarified that he “meant” that he’s “Jew-ish.”

“Life’s a f—in’ fantasy for Santos. Santos lies all day and night,” Rainbow continues. “Even every MAGA sycophant knows something ’bout this dude ain’t right.”

When Rainbow finally appears dressed as the flying nanny herself, he sings that “everything [Santos] does is just to s— stir,” before running down a laundry list of lies — some he actually told, some Rainbow himself just made up.

“He danced in Brazil as a drag queen for hire, then finished Baruch as a Magna Cum Liar. At school he excelled as a volleyball star, ’til he landed the cover of Harper’s Bazaar,” Rainbow sings. “But went on to be known as a Wall Street tycoon, and the very first woman to land on the moon!”

Naturally, the list goes on. But, as we mentioned, Rainbow also tossed in a second parody song inspiration for George Santos, singing new lyrics to “Georgy Girl” by The Seekers.

You can watch the full song in the video above.