Randy Rainbow Guts ‘Thirsty Little Fish’ Kevin McCarthy in New Parody Song: ‘Poor Ol’ Power-Hungry Whore’ (Video)

“Quick to compromise, only took the motherf—er 15 tries!” Rainbow sings

Randy Rainbow is back with a new parody song, and this time, he’s come for Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy — or, as Rainbow introduces him, “Kevin McF—head.”

As always, Rainbow kicks off his video with an “interview” of the subject, piecing together real snippets of McCarthy on television with Rainbow’s own questions. “Not since Gwyneth Paltrow’s 2002 Academy Awards dress has a decision-making process so grueling produced a result as god awful as my next guest,” Rainbow mocks.

Sipping from a mug with a “You’re a dumbass” message taped to it, Rainbow grills McCarthy on his recent House committee appointments, asking the speaker how else he plans to “drag this country down to the fiery pits of hell,” and about his continued loyalty to twice-impeached former President Donald Trump.

Of course, as McCarthy answers, the music kicks in. This time, Rainbow’s roasting is set to the tune of “Master of the House” from “Les Misérables.” You can watch the full song in the video above.

“Welcome monsieur. Sit yourself down, and watch the wackest s— show in town,” Rainbow sings. “What an ordeal. Some GOP — more like the real housewives of DC.”

Eventually, the melody kicks in, and Rainbow truly goes to town, calling out the many concessions McCarthy had to make to the right-most members of his party to get their votes.

“Speaker of the House, cunning little chap. Covetous, conservative and full of crap!” Rainbow recites. “Thirsty as a fish, quick to compromise, only took the motherf—er 15 tries!”

At one point, Rainbow jokes that McCarthy doled out so many bribes that he’s “giving Susan Lucci vibes” and says that McCarthy is effectively wielding a toy gavel up on the podium, given how much control he actually gave up in the process.

“Never will he lead this circus. Poor ol’ power-hungry whore,” Rainbow mocks. “Think they hated Nancy? Can’t see why they wouldn’t hate you more.”