Ryan Reynolds Shares ‘Deadpool’ Fan-Made Movie Poster

Star of upcoming “X-Men” spinoff captions image, “There should be an award for fan art”

Ryan Reynolds
Getty Images

Ryan Reynolds has stepped into one of the most rabid fan bases in all of pop culture with his upcoming take on Marvel’s Deadpool, but he’s proven he has a solid grasp on the sillier side of the character, as evidenced by his recreation of Burt Reynolds‘ classic eye-candy poster.

He appears to have embraced the fandom as well, taking a moment on Sunday evening to share a fan-made movie poster for the “Deadpool” film.

The poster looks like an homage to both “Mary Poppins” and “Spider-Man,” with a tag-line riffing on Peter Parker’s mantra. “With great power comes great irresponsibility,” the poster says above an image of Deadpool flying over the city with an umbrella.

It’s strange and beautiful and clearly captured Reynolds’ attention. “There should be an award for fan art,” the actor tweeted with the image.

It’s certainly a great approach to the character, and one that would showcase his sillier side. Deadpool is a character who constantly refers to the fact that he’s in a comic book in the pages of Marvel’s comics line, and is always ready with a quick line and a bad joke.

Ryan Reynolds stars as Deadpool in the upcoming 20th Century Fox film, which is scheduled for release on February 12, 2016.

See the image here.