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Sandra and Jesse: The Blind Side

Creative community should show a little compassion to its own members

Some say Sandra Bullock was the last to know, blind to husband Jesse James’ trysts and titillating tabloid fodder.

Jesse James Sandra BullockJesse turned a blind side to the effects of his addiction to self-sabotage — if not his reputation, certainly his marriage.

The media in their frenzied kabuki dance and all of us who have been voraciously chewing on the story have turned a blind side to the additional pain and suffering we’re imposing on these two talented individuals — members of our tribe.

Yes, if Jesse intended to have a long and happy marriage with Sandra, he made some woefully misguided choices.

No one gets up out of bed in the morning and asks, "Gee, how can I eff up my life today?"

Like a drug addict or shopaholic, Jesse blindly sought out one affair after the other to numb whatever inner pain he had going on.

We all know where that road leads, and it isn’t pretty. Jesse is sitting in his own poo right now.

Been there, done that. Haven’t you? Ever? I’m less interested in what he’s done than I am in how — or if — he rises above.

Sandra went from being the acclaimed media darling one minute to the poor mistreated wifey the next. That’s one helluva rug to be pulled right out from underneath! The fall has got to hurt!

But instead of showing compassion by letting her deal with a very personal issue quietly in private, we rip into the wound even deeper by pumping up the volume.

I get that I’m adding a little volume here. My intention is to shout above the crowd and ask us to rejoice, chatter, pontificate, cheer, support and encourage the masterpieces this community creates with greater volume than we give to our transgressions.

We do not need to beat up on everyone else in order to feel good about ourselves. We’re better than that.

It’s time we remembered who we are and what we stand for. Think, speak and act with creative excellence.


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