Scott Rudin Moves From Disney to Sony

“The Social Network” producer has a new first-look deal with Sony Pictures; he had been at Disney for five years

Scott Rudin has signed a first-look deal with Sony Pictures, TheWrap has confirmed. The prolific producer had been at Walt Disney Studios for the past five years.

Before that, he spent nearly 15 years at Paramount.

The producer of "The Social Network," "True Grit" and the Oscar-winning "No Country For Old Men," among others, has also been busy on Broadway. He recently produced the Tony-winning "The Book of Mormon."

"Social Network" was a Sony release, as was his 2009 "Julie and Julia."

His next film, "Moneyball," based on Michael Lewis' bestselling book about Oakland A's General Manager Billy Beane, is also coming out of Sony. It's set to hit screens Sept. 23 and is expected to be in the Oscar hunt. 

Rudin will likewise serve as a producer on the studio's upcoming "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo," which Sony hopes to turn into a franchise.

In fact, Rudin has been busy at Paramount, Sony and Universal, with few Disney releases in between.

For Miramax, which Disney sold last year, he produced "There Will Be Blood" and "The Queen," among others. Perhaps the high point of his association with Disney was the Best Picture winning "No Country for Old Men."

Yet Disney's new tentpole-heavy direction seems to have left little room for Rudin's more prestige-oriented sensibility — a situation that was exacerbated after the studio decided to shutter its arthouse arm Miramax. 

His company, Scott Rudin Productions, is based in New York.