Seth Meyers Is Convinced Trump Might Actually Be a Cat | Video

“Hates dogs, knows where to find dead birds, talks like he swallowed a hairball,” the NBC host rattles off

Donald Trump has been called a lot of names by late night hosts – most often a Cheeto, based on how orange his skin is – but on “Late Night,” Seth Meyers theorized that the convicted felon might actually secretly be an animal. A cat, to be specific.

The NBC host’s new theory came Thursday night as he tried to figure out what the Republican party’s supposed “contingency plans” will be for Trump officially accepting the Republican nomination for president, if he’s in jail when it comes time to do so. Currently, Trump is set to be sentenced for his 34 felony fraud convictions on July 11, just days before the convention.

Meyers’ first guess is that the GOP is “testing out fake Zoom backgrounds to cover up the jail cell.” He particularly remembered the cat filter Zoom offers, which went viral in 2021, after a lawyer found himself stuck with it on during a hearing. For Meyers, accidentally using that filter “definitely seems like something Trump could do.”

So, to see what it would look like, a video of the filter saying Trump’s own words from previous appearances started playing, including clips of him raving about how windmills are “bird cemeteries” and complaining about dogs.

“Wait a second here. Hates dogs, knows where to find dead birds, talks like he swallowed a hairball – is Trump actually a cat in real life?” Meyers wondered. “Wait. Wait a second. When cats drink water, they lower their heads down to the bowl and lap it up, and oh, my god.”

At that, a clip of Trump taking a sip of water from a glass, but he does pucker his lips and lower his face to the rim first, instead of bringing the cup fully up to him.

“Oh my — he’s a cat!” Meyers exclaimed.

That said, the host also suggested that Trump may use a beach filter, and pretend he’s actually in another country.

“As you can see, I’m here in beautiful Jamaica, spending time with my favorite people, the Rastafari,” Meyers imitated, using his Trump voice.

You can watch Seth Meyers’ full “A Closer Look” segment in the video above.


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