Seth Meyers Drags Kristi Noem for Openly Admitting to Killing Her Dog: ‘Level of Psycho I Didn’t Even Know Existed’

“It’s horrible enough to kill a dog, but even crazier to brag about it,” the NBC host says

South Dakota governor Kristi Noem continues to face backlash for openly admitting to executing a young dog she once had, but Seth Meyers is mostly just amazed that she admitted it at all. On Monday night’s episode of “Late Night,” the NBC host marveled at her “level of psycho.”

In case you missed it, on Friday the Guardian obtained a copy of Noem’s upcoming memoir, in which Noem recalls a story from roughly 13 years ago, when she had a 14-month old pointer named Cricket.

The governor details how very little she trained the dog — who, at 14 months old, could still be considered a puppy — and how one day, after some rambunctious behavior by the pup that Noem couldn’t rein in herself, she decided the dog needed to be put down. (Noem also openly admitted that she “hated” the animal).

So, she apparently she took the dog to a nearby gravel pit where she shot it herself.

“It’s horrible enough to kill a dog, but even crazier to brag about it,” Meyers said during his “A Closer Look” segment. “That’s a level of psycho I didn’t even know existed. Even Buffalo Bill had the self awareness to keep his abhorrent behavior indoors.”

Elsewhere in the book, though apparently on the same day she killed her young dog, Noem notes she also killed one of her goats she found particularly smelly. And, as the backlash continues, she admitted to just recently putting down three horses from the farm, which Seth Meyers was even more stunned by.

“Way to change the narrative!” Meyers said mockingly. “‘Yeah, I killed the dog, but in my defense, also three horses. Sleep with your eyes open donkey!’”

You can watch Seth Meyers’ full “A Closer Look” segment in the video above.


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