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Seth Meyers Mocks Madison Cawthorn’s Cocaine and Orgies Claim: ‘I Would Actually Find That Impressive’ (Video)

”You really expect us to believe that Congress could plan and execute an orgy?“ Meyers joked

Seth Meyers is pretty sure that U.S. House members aren’t actually doing cocaine regularly and having orgies, as Republican congressman Madison Cawthorn alleged they are earlier this week. But that’s mostly because Meyers doesn’t think they’re physically or mentally capable.

On Monday, Cawthorn claimed in an interview that since arriving in Washington, he’s been invited to orgies by fellow Republicans, some of whom who did cocaine in front of him. And while late night host Stephen Colbert has some ideas on who Cawthorn was referring to, Seth Meyers was skeptical.

“Come on man, you really expect us to believe that Congress could plan and execute an orgy?” Meyers joked. “At best, I could see them announcing an exploratory committee that would begin to investigate the feasibility of an orgy at a later date. And then it would grind to a halt, because one faction would say they wouldn’t go unless the orgy was carbon neutral. And then Joe Manchin would say he’s only gonna vote for the orgy if there was money for coal in it.”

You can watch Meyers’ full thoughts on Cawthorn’s claims in the video here and above.

Meyers then admitted that, if Cawthorn’s claims are actually true, he would probably be impressed.

“Also, I got to say, if they were having orgies and doing cocaine, I would actually find that impressive,” he added. “I mean they’re all 70 and 80 years old. If you told me Chuck Grassley was snorting blow and boning nonstop, I’d be like ‘Damn! Maybe he’s more with it than I thought.’ Also, Chuck Grassley, just gonna say it, pretty good name for an adult film star.”

That said, Meyers added that he definitely doesn’t want Cawthorn to name names, because “all those names go with faces we know.”

Joking aside, Meyers did take a moment to point out just how odd the claims are.

“This is truly an amazing turn in the evolution of the Republican party,” he said. “They whipped up their base into believing crazy s—, that base then elected a bunch of crazy people who believe that crazy s—, and now those crazy people are accusing their fellow Republicans of engaging in wild, drug-fueled sex parties. This whole group of pro-Trump toadies is just so weird and loathsome.”

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