Seth Meyers Thinks It’s Hilarious That Trump Tried to Claim That He Keeps His Promises (Video)

Meyers joked that Melania “laughed so hard her mouth fell off” over Trump’s declaration

Seth Meyers may have skipped doing “A Closer Look” or “The Check In” on “Late Night” on Tuesday, but of course that doesn’t mean he avoided politics. In fact, his quick-hitting opening monologue covered all of the weirdness of the day in the Trump administration, starting with Trump’s decision to pull out of the Iran nuclear deal that had pretty much everybody on all sides of the political spectrum and from all corners of the globe pretty peeved.

“President Trump today officially announced the U.S. would pull out of the Iran nuclear deal. I have to say I’m kind of surprised. Usually when Trump doesn’t like a deal he just stays in it and violates all the terms,” Meyers joked to begin the monologue, displaying first a picture of Donald Trump with Melania, followed by that now-famous picture of Trump with Stormy Daniels to punctuate the sentence.

“President Trump announced today that the U.S. will pull out of the Iran deal and said, quote, ‘When I make promises I keep them.’ Then Melania laughed so hard her mouth fell off.”

From there, Meyers’ monologue was a fast and furious rundown of the news of the day. Here’s his joke about Trump being unable to make it very far into a practice session intended to prepare him for giving testimony to Robert Mueller.

“According to The Wall Street Journal, during a recent informal four-hour practice session for an interview with special counsel Robert Mueller, President Trump’s lawyers were only able to walk him through two questions. To be fair, number three was when they started to get tough. ‘And what’s your third child’s name?’ ‘Oh no, oh. Oh, I’m screwed. I want to say it’s not Barney.’ ”

And here’s Meyers on a new report that Trump is pretty unhappy about the general Rudy Giuliani situation at the moment.

“According to CNN, President Trump has been flustered by the negative coverage generated by Rudy Giuliani’s recent interviews. As opposed to Giuliani, who is only flustered by lights, cameras, questions, and talking.”

And here’s Meyers on reports that Melania actually lives with her parents and not in the White House.

“White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders yesterday disputed reports that First Lady Melania Trump lives with her parents in Washington D.C. and not at the White House. While Rudy Giuliani went on Fox News and said she is and gave out the address. That’s right, Sarah Huckabee Sanders disputed a story claiming that Melania Trump lives with her parents and not President Trump. Though honestly, who can tell the difference?”

Then Meyers displayed a side-by-side shot of Donald Trump and Melania’s dad and, yeah, just look.

late night with seth meyers donald trump looks like melania's dad

You can watch all of Meyers’ monologue from Tuesday’s episode of “Late Night” in the video embedded at the top of this post.