Meyers Jokes That the News Has Become ‘NORAD Santa Tracker, Except for Trump’s Indictment’ (Video)

“Just a little circle in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean,” Meyers joked

A week out from when twice-impeached former president Donald Trump claimed he’d be arrested, deliberations are still ongoing about whether or not he will be criminally indicted by the Manhattan DA. At this point, Seth Meyers joked on Tuesday night, “Indictment Watch” is basically the new Santa tracker.

After a week on vacation, Meyers returned Monday night, and admitted that he was glued to his phone during his time off, just hoping to see photos of Trump being arrested. But, that’s “mainly because I think his arms are too inflexible to reach that far behind his back,” the host joked on Monday.

On Tuesday, he was feeling just as let down and impatient as ever.

“So it’s another day, we’re all still waiting to find out if and when Trump will be arrested. The news has basically just become the NORAD Santa Tracker, except for Trump’s indictment,” Meyers joked. “Just a little circle in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.”

Of course, assuming an arrest is actually going to come could be a mistake, according to the “Late Night” host.

“I feel like a lot of us are waiting for some cinematic moment when Donald Trump gets arrested while forgetting that, in real life, nothing is that satisfying,” Meyers said. “If Donald Trump was Jason, not only would he not die at the end of the movie, he would be allowed to hold public rallies, where he complains that campers don’t skinny dip like they used to.”

You can watch Meyers’ full “A Closer Look” segment in the video above.