Meyers Eagerly Awaits Trump’s Arrest Photos Because ‘I Think His Arms Are Too Inflexible to Reach’ Behind His Back (Video)

“They’re gonna have to get him a pair of slinky handcuffs he can wear while he’s yelling at reporters,” Meyers mocked

Twice-impeached former president Donald Trump hasn’t been arrested yet, but Seth Meyers is glued to his phone waiting for the pictures from when he is. Of course, it’s more than just about wanting to see Trump held accountable; Meyers also really wants to see if Trump’s arms can get into the position they need to be in for him to be handcuffed.

Meyers was on vacation last week, meaning he wasn’t on the air to cover Trump’s claims that he’d be arrested last Tuesday. But, Meyers definitely saw them and, according to the “Late Night” host, those claims kept him from fully enjoying his time off with his family.

“Normally, hiatus is supposed to be a vacation from the news, but I spent the entire week scrolling on my phone, waiting to see a picture of Trump getting hauled out of Mar-a-Lago in handcuffs, mainly because I think his arms are too inflexible to reach that far behind his back,” Meyers joked.

“That’s why he always stands with them straight down at his sides, like a dollar-store G.I. Joe,” he added. “It would be super funny to watch the cops try to get the cuffs on him. ‘All right sir, put your hands behind your head!’ ‘Sorry fellas, they only go forward and out like this.’”

The “this” that the “Late Night” host was referring to, of course, was the twice-impeached former president’s tendency to move his hands in an accordion-like fashion when he speaks. But, Meyers offered a solution for that, if and when the time eventually does come.

“They’re gonna have to get him a pair of slinky handcuffs he can wear while he’s yelling at reporters,” he joked.

That said, Meyers still isn’t totally confident that charges for Trump will come at any point.

“Somehow Trump always escapes accountability,” Meyers lamented. “At this point, I wouldn’t be surprised if Merrick Garland just put himself in jail. ‘Merrick! Merrick, why!’ ‘I don’t know, it just — it just seemed easier!’”

You can watch Meyers’ full “A Closer Look” segment in the video above.