Shane Gillis Netflix Show ‘Tires’ Drops Trailer About ‘The Dumbest F–king Guys on Earth’ | Video

The six-episode series will premiere on May 23

Netflix has dropped the first trailer for Shane Gillis‘ upcoming comedy, “Tires.” The series, which was created by and stars Gillis, is set to debut on the streamer on May 23.

“Tires” revolves around an auto repair chain that’s struggling. As the nervous Will (Steven Gerben) tries to turn his father’s business around, he’s met with constant obstacles from his slacker staff. But when it really looks like his company is doomed, the misfits he hired will finally step up to the plate.

“I’m going to be straight with you: We’re the dumbest f–king guys on Earth. Maybe I shouldn’t have f–ked around so much in high school. Maybe I should chill on the drinking. Maybe the party’s over. But f–k that,” Shane (Gillis) says in the first trailer for the upcoming comedy. “We can sit in here and sulk in the dark or we can crawl our asses out and sell some f–king tires.”

Chris O’Connor, Kilah Fox and Stavros Halkias also star in the series with Andrew Schulz as a guest star.

The six-episode series was created by Gillis, Gerben and John McKeever, who also executive produces the series. Additional executive producers include Brandon James for Rough House, Brian Stern and Kenneth Slotnick AGI Entertainment Media & Management and Becky Astphan. Gillis, Gerben and McKeever wrote the series, and McKeever served as its director.

Most recently, Gillis hosted “Saturday Night Live” with musical guest 21 Savage. Gillis’ hosting was unexpected as the comedian was originally hired to be part of the long-running late night show’s cast in 2019 but was fired soon after when clips of “Matt and Shane’s Secret Podcast” surfaced, showing Gillis and his co-host Matt McCusker mocking East Asian accents. Gillis has maintained that the quotes were taken out of context.

Gillis is known for the webseries “Gilly and Keeves,” which was co-hosted by Gillis and McKeever, and his comedy specials “Live in Austin” and “Beautiful Dogs.” The comedian also had a recurring role on Pete Davidson’s now-ended Peacock comedy, “Bupkis.” Gillis is expected to release a second standup special with Netflix following the success of 2023’s “Beautiful Dogs.”


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